In Oslo, Bergen and Drammen, facemasks are now mandatory in certain situations.

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When do you have to use a facemask?

You have to use a facemask in crowded places, and when unable to keep a one-meter distance to anyone not in your household in the following situations:

  • on public transport
  • in shops and shopping malls, meaning:
    • shops where customers buy goods, e.g. retail, kiosk, gas station, and dry cleaner
    • common areas within shopping malls (corridors, restrooms, parking garage, staircases, escalators, etc.) Other businesses inside the shopping malls not covered by the regulations are not included, such as physiotherapy, nail salons and hairdressers.
  • in establishments serving food or alcoholic drinks (view additional information for employees of pubs/bars)
  • Indoor locations where cultural activities occur, such as libraries, cinemas, theaters, concerts, stand-up shows
  • Indoor locations for sporting activities, organized and non-organized (gyms, sports halls, svimming halls, general indoor sports facilities etc). There is no obligation to wear a facemask while performing the actual sport/exercise.
  • In places of worship/life stance-related gatherings

The obligation to wear a facemask also applies to employees at these location.           

The obligation does not apply to situations where one briefly passes by another person. 

Examples of places where facemasks may be mandatory

  • congestion or line when entering or leaving the location
  • standing in line outside the bar or pub
  • locker rooms and restroom visits
  • religious rituals and acts
  • breaks

Single-use facemasks and fabric facemasks are equally permissible.

Children under the age of 12 and persons who, due to medical or other reasons, cannot use facemasks may abstain from using facemasks. Children under the age of two shall not wear facemasks at all.

For more information on the use of facemasks in Oslo, please refer to this city council matter dated October 29, 2020

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